Monday, 18 February 2013

yarn between bubbles

‘Yarns Between Bubbles’ 10 Feb – 10 March

Anie Nheu
Yiwon Park
Li Wenmin
Yarns Between Bubbles is a collaborative drawing exhibition that explores both the participating artist’s common interest in drawing as an artistic practice and notions of shared culture. The exhibition uses drawing as a conversational framework to highlight the possibilities for deeper understanding of our cultural and personal identity.
The collaboration takes the form of relaying unfinished drawings from one artist to another in a group of three: the third person resolving and finalising the work.  There is no specified subject matter or designated expression of marks, the only requirement is to respond to a given image with a mark. 

While the final images attempt to integrate differences as a whole, it is the interstices where one drawing ends and another begins, which carry most weight in the process.  It is within this intermediate stage where the given images demand a response, and often, it is the differences in content and in mark making by the various artists, that confront the viewer.  According to exhibition coordinator Anie Nheu, the process has facilitated “understanding and awareness of the actions taken following a period of introspection, that has not only been enriching for individual’s practice, it has also been a revelation on a personal level.”

    Yiwon Park, 2012, life is a boiled egg, mixed media on cotton

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