Saturday, 20 July 2013

Trans-emotion Room Interactive Media Performance

abstract image

shoe rackroom

Performance 1.30 mins exchange at Firstdraft after dark 

‘1.30 Minute Exchange/Put Yourself In My Shoes’ is about the perception of personal space and interactions between different bodies. In this interactive performance engaging the audience, the participant will be asked to change shoes with me (the artist), while we are both inside a partition. The design of the partition is inspired by Edward T. Hall’s diagram Personal Reaction Bubbles of (1966).  In this way I am setting up two layers of personal space. One is the limited space of the partition and the other is inside my shoes. People can exchange their shoes with me or can leave the space to find the person who is wearing their shoes. Feeling someone’s body heat from their shoes could be weird or even unpleasant and the chances that my shoe would fit your feet is quite low. You could like my red glittering Converse more than your old brown loafer. Or not. This performance is a metaphorical gesture of the moment when we meet people and get to know each other. Sometimes we get quickly closer to somebody, other times we do not connect at all. You could meet your love of your life while you are looking for your shoes. Whatsoever!

<iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="">1.5 Minute Exchange - Personal Space</a> from <a href="">Yiwon Park</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Monday, 18 February 2013

drawings 2012

Several ways of conversation in Korea

 The exhibition was well supported by the Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam.

There was an online coverage of the exhibition in Korean.  The exhibition was also promoted in the local arts journal, Article : a journal of contemporary art (September 2012 issue no. 14).

The exhibition opening was followed with well attended Artists' Talk the next day.  Questions from how the group started to personal life experiences, such as migrant experience and gender issues influencing the work were raised.
3ppod, 2012, shadow,cloud,nothingness, mixed media drawing,200 x 100 cm x 3
Yiwon Park, 2012, You were not there when my heart was melting down,mixed media drawing on cotton

3ppod, 2012,hotch potch, mixed media drawing,variable size

3ppod, 2012,hotch potch, mixed media drawing,variable size

3ppod, 2012,hotch potch, mixed media drawing,variable size

at Camac Centre D'Art

yarn between bubbles

‘Yarns Between Bubbles’ 10 Feb – 10 March

Anie Nheu
Yiwon Park
Li Wenmin
Yarns Between Bubbles is a collaborative drawing exhibition that explores both the participating artist’s common interest in drawing as an artistic practice and notions of shared culture. The exhibition uses drawing as a conversational framework to highlight the possibilities for deeper understanding of our cultural and personal identity.
The collaboration takes the form of relaying unfinished drawings from one artist to another in a group of three: the third person resolving and finalising the work.  There is no specified subject matter or designated expression of marks, the only requirement is to respond to a given image with a mark. 

While the final images attempt to integrate differences as a whole, it is the interstices where one drawing ends and another begins, which carry most weight in the process.  It is within this intermediate stage where the given images demand a response, and often, it is the differences in content and in mark making by the various artists, that confront the viewer.  According to exhibition coordinator Anie Nheu, the process has facilitated “understanding and awareness of the actions taken following a period of introspection, that has not only been enriching for individual’s practice, it has also been a revelation on a personal level.”

    Yiwon Park, 2012, life is a boiled egg, mixed media on cotton